Catrice Run Forest Run – old vs. new

Last fall (or was it winter ) Maestra brought me Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans from Germany. I asked her how come she didn’t pick up Run Forest Run shade as well, and she told me that it wasn’t really my kind of green … that the color reminded her of Ljubljana’s benches. How sad – and it looked such a lovely shade on the swatches I’ve been seeing around.

I visited Austria couple of months later and saw this pretty dark green polish on Catrice stand. Shade – Run Forest Run. And it hit me – Catrice followed Essence trend of changing the content but keeping the name.

Sure enough – there was lighter yellowish toned green in the bowl when Catrice polishes came to Slovenia (with lots of other mysterious color changes beside Run Forest Run). I bought that shade too … just because. :D

Catrice Run Forest Run old vs new comparison
Catrice Run Forest Run old vs new

Fast forward to spring time. :D I was waiting for Maestra by Ljubljanica river when I spotted green bench. Catrice Run Forest Run shade immediately came to my mind, so I took photo of the bench with my mobile phone. Color looks prettier that it really is.

Bench In Ljubljana Slovenia
Bench In Ljubljana Slovenia

And here is swatch of new Catrice Run Forest Run:

Catrice Run Forest Run new version swatch
Catrice Run Forest Run new version

Maestra knows me well – definitively not my color.

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16 thoughts on “Catrice Run Forest Run – old vs. new”

  1. it thought i was imagining things when i saw taht th erun forest run bottle in the store was much lighter than mine was, guess i was right after all…

    not buyin the new one, i’ve got another polish that looks much like it..

  2. I also love the old Version of Run Forest Run. :cry: I love it that much, so that I had to buy a backup of the old one and normally I don’t do that.
    Greetings, Bea

  3. I love when I find a polish that matches some colour lol XD I know you personally dont like it but I know I’ll definitely be getting this next time I see it:)

    • Tastes are so different that there are bound to be hundreds of girls who love this shade … and that is the way it should be. :thumb:


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