Parokeets blog: 3rd birthday and giveaway

Today is our 3rd birthday! Well – Parokeets blog is the one celebrating. :D

It’s been such a joy watching our little blog grow for the last three years. Can you believe that we have already written 1.350 posts, received over 17.000 comments and more than 2.000.000 pageviews?

We always say that there would be no Parokeets blog without the fantastic readers that support us all the time with their blog comment, emails, Facebook and G+ likes, Bloglovin and Networkedblogs “thumbs ups” … You really are the greatest and give our work the meaning. It’s no hardship to invest extra hour of work into post when you know that you’ll be producing something that will be helpful to others and as cherry on the top you receive the feedback that tells you that you achieved your goal.

To give at least a little bit of love back to you, we dedicate every January to you dear readers. We contacted few of the companies that we like and asked them if they would be willing to join our celebration and donate gifts for our readers. And majority said YES. We all know that times are tough but they really came through, so please share some love with generous ladies who kindly donated goodies (you’ll see their banners for the whole month at the top of the posts container):

First thing on the agenda is GIVEAWAY!

Prize no. 1 is this pile of goodies …

Parokeets blog - 3rd birthday giveaway
Parokeets blog – 3rd birthday giveaway

Alessandro: Metallic Crash Blue Marine set, Croco Glam gold/black set, Crash Coat, Express nail oil, Pro White Glitter, Belle Mademoiselle;
Bvlgari: Mon Jasmin Noir 25ml;
Catrice: Prime and Fine, Made To Stay 030 and 040, Evolution to Revolution black mascara, Double Espresso Macchiato, Please!, Rose Beige mattifying powder, After Eight nail polish, Sun Kissed gloss, Wildthing, Meet Mrs Rosevelt lipstain, Blond But Brow’d;
Essence: Make It Golden, Hard To Resist nail polishes, French Forever stickers, 2in1 volume mascara, liquid eyeliners, I Love Stage esb, Turn To Lucky tint, Denim 4.0 quattro, Yea Eye Can! eyeshadow.

As GFC is retiring on Parokeets blog Google+ and newsletter subscription will be replacing it. The choice is yours – choose the one you like the best. And if you pick both options – you get additional entry. If you don’t pick one, your entry will be deleted.

For in depth rules please read Rules – giveaways on Parokeets blog post. All the additional entries will be available in this giveaway.

Giveaway is now CLOSED.

49 thoughts on “Parokeets blog: 3rd birthday and giveaway”

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity of winning these wonderful gifts! :D

    Keep up the good work, Parokeets!

  2. Quick update:
    – why can’t we use FB as an entry:
    – I see everything fine in Chrome, but those of you who do not, please use other browser to see form on this page (but you have to laugh at the irony that you can not see Google Docs in Google browser :devil: )
    – Marija and Miriam your entry’s are :thumb:
    GFC followers do not count
    – if we can see you anywhere in Google+ (not sure if +1’s are seen, but if they are, they’ll count) OR in newsletter subscription list (if you did not activate subscription you’re automatically deleted from the list after few days, so we can not see you) – you’re in (we’ll be very lenient for this giveaway as we know it’s lots of new things going on at once)
    – those of you who only left email where we can contact you: we’ll crosscheck with our newsletter list and if you’re on it, you’re in. Only other option is to contact us let us know your Google+ name.

    Yeah – we miss GFC too. :sigh:

  3. vse naaaaajboljše, na še veliko odličnih postov :wink:

    glede nagrade je pa itak brezveze zgubljati besede, ker je enostavno waaaaaau :drop: :drool:

  4. Vse najboljše, punce! Toliko mejnikov ste podrle s svojim blogom, da vam lahko zaželim samo še več motivacije in elana pri ustvarjanju. :rose:

  5. Res lep in predvsem zaslužen dosežek. Želim vam uspešno ustvarjanje še naprej – res ste pridne in prav veselje vas je prebirati.

  6. It’s nice that they wanted to help. After all, they get lots of free promotion from you ladies, so I guess it was only just fair.
    It’s nice to know that low-cost brands are generous with those who regularly spread the word about them.

    • Majority EU brands/PR refuses to send promo photographs which is basically the only thing (aside from January giveaway prizes) that we ask them for. So you can do the math. :ermm:
      I’m not person that easily compliments, but the ladies which joined this giveaway really deserve our thanks as they worked wonders with their limited budgets. :bow:


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