Essence Eclipse and Return To Paradise giveaway - winner

Giveaway: Essence Eclipse and Return To Paradise – conclusion

The winner of our Essence Eclipse and Return To Paradise giveaway is chosen. Drums please ... :D Computer program randomly picked out one number and winner is 29th entry made by ... Shapeless. Congratulation! Email...
IsaDora spring 2015 set

Spring hauls and “let’s review” pile

I always have mixed feelings about doing "haul" type posts or videos, but as they are one of the most requested ones, I decided to do one as "I'm sorry for being bad blogger"...
Christmas manicure by Maestra

Christmas manicure

Merry Christmas!

New year sparkles

First of, I'd like to wish you all Happy New Year 2010! For me, 2009 was a very good year and I'm very thankful for it! Thank you all, who made 2009 even better for me....

Parokeets and Shiseido Slovenia SUN photo challenge on Facebook

I'm copying Slovenian post in English part too as I know lots of Slovenian ladies prefer reading this part of the blog. Tokrat izziv organiziramo na naši Facebook strani in sicer v...
Where is Gejba

What happened to Gejba?

You know how it is, you get swamped with work, baby decides it's teething time and blog has to rest for a while. I didn't even realize I was gone that long until I...

Autumn in the garden

Fall in already here and nature is preparing for well deserved rest. Right before trees loose the leaves, they're wonderful sight to be seen. One of the most colorful trees is Parrotia persica. Followed closely...

Addicted to Knitting

I almost forgot how much I loved knitting. For some reason I got the urge to knit again at the end of last year. First problem was - where to buy wool....

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