Ciate Paint Pots

Danes je napočil dan, ko izpolnjujem obljubo, ki sem vam jo dala TUKAJ in se glasi tako: " A s Ciate Paint Pots laki še nisem zaključila. Zakaj in na kakšen način je malo po...
Inglot palette - sun

Inglot palette from Poland – by Goga

Hi ladies! I owed you this picture from my another Inglot freedom system palette which came all along from Poland  (with cooperation with Gejba) and lovely stri-linga from  Sorry Mario the princess is in another castle blog. Thank...
Essence Love This City pink challenge day 03 polishes

Pink Challenge: Day 3 by Gejba

Yesterday I started doing pink challenge manicure for today but it ended up looking really horrible, so I removed it at once. Today I started on another mani but this one didn't turn out...
EOTD: The She Space: Baited Breathe, Fire and Brimstone, Moral Enemy, Rock and Roll, Dimwitted; Sweetscents: Satin Slipper

Joy – 246 + EOTD

Joy - 246 is a lime green frosty shade, which I though I wouldn't like as much as I did as I put it on my nails. I like it mainly because it glows...
Skulls T-shirt

Haul: Fun T-shirts

I went shopping a bit the other day. Actually I wanted to buy some business appropriate clothes, instead I bought these. I just couldn't resist them. They were just to perfect...
RAOK from Shaimaa

RAOK from Shaimaa!

A while ago I got a very cute package from a lovely Shaimaa. She included only cute things! The little bear is adorable! And I got a bunch of lip glosses, which...

Look, I found new Essence image plates!!!

I just had to show you these pretties. They were mixed with the other old image plates. What a happy day!!!
Inlot Belgrade haul

Inglot: Belgrade and Zagreb haul

And finally I had time to take  of my Inglot haul. At the end of February I was on business trip in Belgrade and of course I had to...

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