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Comparison: Misa – Toxic Seduction vs. Zoya – Veruschka

Misa - Toxic Seduction vs. Zoya - Veruschka

You’ve already seen both shades in my previous posts. Today I have a comparison for you. Both shades are gorgeous and both are dark green. The main difference between them is that Veruschka has matte finish while Toxic Seduction has glossy finish. But when you add glossy top coat to Veruschka you get a deep green sparkly goddess. Seriously, it’s ...

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Pink bubbles

Essence Alpine Snow + p2 Stylish + Avon Polished Pink + Fauxnad H7

When bloo (one of our Slovenian readers) read my Metal babe with something extra post she wondered how would it look like if I used both light and dark blue bubbles on the same finger. I loved the idea! Since I had enough of blue I used pink instead. I used Fauxnad plate H7, Avon Polished Pink and p2 Stylish ...

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Misa – Toxic Seduction

Misa - Toxic Seduction + Fake-Konad H20

The manicure Veruschka with dragons reminded me of a manicure I did way back, but didn’t have the chance to show it to you yet. I guess now’s the time to do it … Misa – Toxic Seduction is also one of the polishes with a story behind it. I ordered it from H2T back in November 2008 with other ...

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“5 Guys I Used To Like” Tag

Johnny Depp

Nihrida tagged me almost a month ago. Don’t ask me why I postponed this one for so long. I don’t know. I just did. I think it’s a really fun game. Searching trough my past was a lot of fun and even more fun was searching for pictures of “my” men from the past. First one is David Hasselhoff. I ...

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Veruschka with dragons

Zoya - Veruschka

Ljubljana Dragon didn’t allow me to manicure it’s claws, so I did mine instead … Zoya did a great job with the Matte Velvet Winter Collection. I already showed you the beautiful purple Savita. Today I have another beauty from the same collection for you. It’s a gorgeous green called Veruschka. The application was good, but you should hurry a ...

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Ljubljana Dragon

Ljubljanski zmaj

Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia, which is the country where I live. Where I’ve always lived. I’ve lived in Ljubljana for almost 10 years now. I really like the city. It’s small, but big enough. Not too long ago, my BF and I went on a short walk trough the town with our fancy new DSLR camera. We ...

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Metal Babe with something extra

unetna svetloba

I just had to put something over the Essence Metal Babe shade. Which color wouldn’t clash with rainbow? Hmmm. I took the easy way out … I asked Maestra for advice. She suggested blue color. As I couldn’t decide between Midnight Cami in Cantare 132 polish, I used both. For lighter image I used Cantare 132 and Midnight Cami for ...

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