I’m impressed with H&M nail polishes. If you ran into them, I recommend you try them out. :nails:

Today I have for you Material Girl. Color? Hmm – it’s not really red or pink or coral and it has purple shimmer. You better see for your self. :yes:

H&M: Material Girl, bottle swatch
H&M – Material Girl

Cyclamen color? What do you think? You can see the purple shimmer in the bottle.

H&M - Material Girl

I could not stop staring at it. :love:  It’s very lively color. Put it in shade and it’s still beautiful and it shines even without the sun. Polish is very opaque so one layer can be enough. I applied two. I give this polish perfect score for the application.

H&M - Material Girl, swatch
H&M – Material Girl, sun
H&M - Material Girl, swatch
H&M – Material Girl, shadow

This missy is multicolored too. :cute:

Petunija, Petunia
Petunija, Petunia

And this mister also…


I always seek for comparable colors in the nature. :ccc:

Thank you for your attention. :wave:

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  1. Zelo lep odtenek.
    Zadnjič sem v H&M v Ljubljani videla pri blagajni neke lakce ampak so bili majhni flaške pa okrogle (pakirani po 4 skupaj).

    • Karamela, prispevek o teh lakih je skoraj že pripravljen za objavo. Ne spreglej ga in si kupi lake. :love:
      Gejba :yes:

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