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Alessandro Go Magic! – Royal Crash

Alessandro Go Magic! - Royal Crash by Parokeets

Maestra found Alessandro Go Magic! – Royal Crash set on one of her journeys and she kindly picked up one for me. My set consists of: Crash Base (gold), Crash Coat (black crack polish) and Top Coat. First I applied two coats of Gold Base polish. It was easy to apply and it dried pretty quickly. Golden color + foil ...

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Comparison: OPI – Tease-y Does It vs. Collistar – Melanzana Glitter

Comparison: OPI Burlesque - Tease-y Does It vs. Collistar - Melanzana Glitter

Our reader Marta said that Tease-y Does It reminded her of another gorgeous polish Melanzana Glitter made by Collistar. Marta, thanks for your comment, I would never think of this comparison. And you know what? These polishes are indeed very close, but not dupes. Polishes look nothing alike in the bottles. Only the shimmer or small flakes look similar. After ...

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Comparison: p2 Gorgeous vs. S-he 436

Comparison: p2 Gorgeous vs. s-he 436 swatch

First time I saw p2 Gorgeous it reminded me of S-he 436 shade. Of course I had to compare them right away. Polishes look similar, but they’re not identical. 436 is a few shades lighter and a little more warmer purple than Gorgeous. I used 2 layers + top coat. I would have hard time deciding which one is prettier. ...

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Review and swatches: OPI Burlesque

OPI Burlesque - Tease-Y Does It duochrome

Maestra kindly allowed me to swatch her OPI Burlesque polishes. Glow Up Already! and Show It & Glow It! are very, very shiny polishes. But my camera apparently decided to protect my eyes from all that light, so I’m afraid you’ll have to imagine all that sparkle coming from them. Surprisingly I loved Glow Up Already! more than Show It ...

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Review and swatches: Alverde Zauberwald LE

Alverde Zauberwald LE

Zauberwald (= Magic Forest) is a limited edition made by Alverde. It’s a very nice collection. The colors are all nice and earthy. There are a lot of items in the collection, ranging from eyeshadows, blushes, lip glosses, eyeliners, mascaras to lip colours. I bought my stuff a while ago in Austria. The swatches. I really love the eyeshadow Magic ...

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p2 Gorgeous

p2 Gorgeous swatch by Parokeets

Without the doubt, p2 Gorgeous! is the winner of yesterdays contest. Gorgeous is really gorgeous violet polish, that applies beautifully. It has little bit thicker formula, so you can get away with only one layer … if you use a little bit more polish. As with other p2 polishes, brush is very easy to guide. I used 2 layers + ...

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