Parokeets is 6 years old :)

Skincare giveaway by Parokeets

The day has come … we are going to school. Just kidding, but Parokeets blog did turn 6 today … age children in our country start grammar school. 2014 was definitively eventful year for me and blog. Only towards the end of year did I actually manage to really blog again. More time and less stress. For the past 2 ...

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Beauty favorites 2014

Best in beauty 2014

So, which products made it into my top of the top selection. I could have easily selected at least 20 more, but then I would have never finished this post. I tried to limit myself to more affordable products, but some just don’t have a drugstore competition in my eyes. Best FACE products of 2014 Catrice Nude Illusion liquid foundation ...

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My first “beauty box”

Lookfantastic Beauty Box December 2014

What can I say, all the interesting ones do not ship to Slovenia, so my first beauty box had to wait for a while to be chosen. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the “box” phenomenon – you buy surprise box without (usually) knowing anything about it. You get at least one full sized product and rest are ...

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Kiko and Müller Austria haul

Austria haul October 2014 - Kiko

I’m currently chasing away a cold with new goodies I bought in Austria. I didn’t have much time, so I only visited Müller and Kiko store. Next time I’ll go to MAC counter, Douglas … I must say that I adore Atrio shopping center from the very first visit. Then MAC happened, KIKO followed, they just need Inglot and I’ll ...

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What happened to Gejba?

Where is Gejba

You know how it is, you get swamped with work, baby decides it’s teething time and blog has to rest for a while. I didn’t even realize I was gone that long until I received few messages asking if I was alive/depressed/healthy. Thank you for all your inquiries, it warms my heart that I have so many good “virtual” friend ...

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What would you like to see on blog in the near future?


It’s been interesting lately in my crazy little world. I have one sleepless night after another and then my camera decides that now is the perfect time to finally stop working. Just so you know where do crappy photos (like the one bellow) you my occasionally see on blog in next few days come from. I decided on DSLR camera, ...

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