Comparison: Essence Hide Bella Hide vs. p2 Glamour

I bought Hide Bella Hide from Essence Eclipse TE only because it looked like a good polish for konading.

It wasn’t long I spotted an almost dupe in my collection – p2 Glamour, so I made a comparison.

I used two layers of p2 Galmour on my ring finger and two coats of Essence Hide Bella Hide on my little and middle finger.

Comparison: p2 Glamour vs. Eclipse Hide Bella Hide (Essence) swatch
p2 Glamour vs. Eclipse Hide Bella Hide (Essence): shade

Difference is only minimal. Glamour is little more shimmery and little bit less streaky and that is it.

I tried stamping with both of the polishes and results were pretty good. Hide Bella Hide leaves just a tad clearer image than Glamour, but images look almost the same.

I used p2 Fancy as a base and image from m70 IP. Stamping polishes are in the same order as on the above picture.

p2 Fancy + p2 Glamour + Essence Hide BellaHide + m70 IP konadicure

Have you tried any of the mentioned polishes for konading?

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  1. My husband said that Hide Bella, Hide is gross. And I think that he’s right :scared: I gave it to my sister and she loves it :think:


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