Comparison: Essence Fivepocket Grey vs. Pointbreak vs. Movie Star

Today I have for you really quick comparison of three Essence creme gray polishes: Fivepocket Grey (Denim Wanted! LE), Pointbreak (Sufer Babe LE) and Movie Star (We Saw It First LE).

2 coats + top coat.

Comparison Essence: Fivepocket Grey vs. Pointbreak vs. Movie Star
Essence: FG (Fivepocket Grey), Pointbreak, MS (Movie Star)

Fivepocket Grey has greenish undertone while Pointbreak leans a little bit to the blue side. And I primarily use gray polishes as base for konading (and undertone really can make all the difference) I need both. :D

Movie Star is so much darker that there really is no question whether we need it or not … or course we do.

HERE is another similar comparison I did upon readers request. The only difference is – this time I used Essence Fivepocket Grey instead of Catrice London’s Weather Forecast.

What is your verdict – need all, just two, one or none?

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10 thoughts on “Comparison: Essence Fivepocket Grey vs. Pointbreak vs. Movie Star”

  1. Ha ha, I just did the same comparison on my nails, just added the Catrice as well  :biggrin:
    My verdict would be – you need them all, of course :wink:

  2. I did a comparison myself with the new Catrice Expect the Unexpected Limited Edition polish “Looking Greyt”:

    I love the colour a lot, it looks pretty dark grey with a blue undertone on the nails. I don’t have Catrice’s “London’s Weather Forecast” and Essence’s “Movie Star” to compare with my other grey polishes.


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