Review and swatches: Essence – Metallics Trend Edition (nail polishes)

Saša found all Essence Metallics TE magnetic polishes!

Essence Metallics polishes

So I prepared Essence instructions, opened Maestra’s post about Nothing Else Metals polish + post on ARS forum and enthusiastically started to swatch the polishes.

Essence Metallics TE instructions

I guess the fact that I had to remove polish more than 20 times tells you how successful I was.

First I had trouble getting really close to the polish … without touching it with magnet. And if I didn’t come really, rellay close, the effect was pathetic at best.

Then I had to learn how to rotate finger/magnet to spread the image all over the nail. Maestra and I debated that the problem could lie in my high nail curve, long nails and weak magnet. My little finger is short, not as curved as others and I had no problems with it.

I tried out all three patterns that can be made with Essence magnet … sometimes even on the same manicure.

Top coat was used over all polishes.

Nothing Else Metals is really interesting color – some kind of golden olive green. Pretty shade – with pattern or without.

Essence Metallics - Nothing Else Metals

Iron Goddess is nice brown color that gets gray highlights when you use the magnet.

Essence Metallics - Iron Goddess by Parokeets

Copper Rulez! is my favorite from Metallic TE. What a gorgeous shade! It looks like rainbow of fall colors trapped in brown base. Copper glitter/shimmer is the prevailing one.

Essence Metallics - Copper Rulez!

Metal Battle is the only non magnetic polish. They named it “metallic nail polish”. It looked a lot like I Love My Jeans from Denim Wanted TE so I compared them.

The only difference is the color of shimmer – Metal Battle has blue one and I Love My Jeans green one.

Comparison I Love My Jeans (Denim Wanted) vs. Metal Battle (Metallics)

Steel Me was hardest to work with, so I gave up and used Alessandro magnet at my middle finger. Uau – look at the effect! The only problem was that I used thicker layer of polish (you have to for Essence magnet to work at all) and Alessandro magnet worked to well and literally started to pull polish from my nails. :D

Essence Metallics Steel Me by Parokeets

Price for polish: 2,19 EUR.

Price for magnet: 1,69 EUR.


I recommend all four of Essence magnetic nail polishes. But since Essence magnet is just too weak you can either:

Of course I’m talking to those of you with similar nail length and shape – those with shorter and more “flat” nails should have less problems.

Pros among us are excluded of course.

And since we managed to get few extra polishes, Parokeets ladies decided to have small giveaway.

Essence Metallics TE polishes giveaway by Parokeets
Essence Metallics TE: Nothing Else Metals, Iron Goddess, Copper Rulez!, magnet


  • you have to be visible follower on our Google Friend Connect to enter this giveaway;
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  • giveaway is International;
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All products are new and sponsored by Parokeets ladies.

Giveaway will end on 08.11.2010 at midnight (GMT +1).

Giveaway is now CLOSED.

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34 thoughts on “Review and swatches: Essence – Metallics Trend Edition (nail polishes)”

  1. Thank you all for participating in our giveaway. We’ll try to announce the winner as soon as possible.

    Hvala vsem za sodelovanje v giveawayu. Potrudile se bomo čim prej objaviti zmagovalca.

  2. Just a quick (or not that quick) note on the Essence products in Slovenia. Now I can easily say that I’ve bought Essence products in every state in Europe that sells them, and I have been amazed how everywhere outside Slovenia they were giving us 3 for 2 bargains, or they were giving Essence presents with a purchase. I normally thought that Essence offers different things to us here. But this week I’ve been looking into this more thoroughly, since I’ve been stalking this Metallics around Ljubljana. And I’ve found out that Mueller does not offer samples of any Essence products (not a custom anywhere outside Mueller Slovenija), that some DMs in Ljubljana give you presents with a purchase of few items and some dont. Nobody, of course, mentions these gifts before buying.
    This leads me to a very distracting conclusions, that someone (inside DM and/or Mueller) is taking all the samples and gifts. And this makes me MAD, since persons that are responsible for this are -in my opinion and years long practice-usually very unlikely to help me or to be nice with me as a paying customer.
    I hope that someone reads this and that girls from Parokeets will be nice enough to keep this published, although it may offend some friends they have in abovementioned shops.
    And believe me, I would be really glad if someone would prove me wrong.
    TY, tevta

    • Of course we will leave it on. And is you wish, I can forward your question/problem to DM stockist. We don’t have any contact with Muller who imports their own Essence products.

      But I’m not sure which samples were missing – those of TE editions? I know that Muller’s and DM’s have eyeshadow and foundation samples for products in regular line.

      • Frankly, in the last six months I have seen only few Return to Paradise samples, all other stuff was gone in seconds. I’m talking mostly about collections, that are usually sold out in minutes (your site is largely responsible for giving us lemmings :rose: ). Because I usually see all the things inside a collection sampled here I just go and buy it, unaware of the testers. But when I come to think of it, it is highly unusual not to see testers in like 5 collections, 10 stores from Ljubljana to Kranj.
        But anyhoo, this is not the case here. I’m more concerned about the missing gifts and other offers – it cannot be, that one store of the same brand offers gifts and the others don’t.

  3. Ker nisem dobila nobenega metalic lakca, sama tega ne morem poskusit, me pa zelo zanima … Kakšen učinek se dobi, če se metalic lak zmatira? A vzorček ostane?

  4. This collection is really pretty, namedely because metalic nail polishes are usually really pretty, at least for me :P but I wasn’t aware magnetic polishes were so difficult to deal with :fju:

  5. Nothing Else Metals ima najboljše ime, Copper Rulez! pa je najlepši. :yes: Zdaj moram pa še jaz sprobati te magnete na nohtih, ker na nail wheel-u nisem imela težav. :think:

  6. hello girls!
    The Copper one is the only that seems interesting for me… Also I prefer the Alessandro Magnet, when I went to the store last week I couldn’t find any polish but all magnets fro this collection!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing these Essence polishes and your experience with the magnets for each color.  Do you know how a regular magnet would work on these polishes?  Is the Essence magnet like a regular magnet?


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