Parokeets challenge: Show us your country

When we started our 2nd birthday giveaway, we hinted that we will be hosting another challenge as part of our birthday celebration.

Chosen theme is … Show us your country. We’re curios about countries you come from and we would love to know more about them.
You can take inspiration from anything you like: colors, objects, nature … but do tell us in few sentences what inspired you and maybe few words about your country. We’ll publish your text along with the photo.
Manicures, face paints … every form of make-up is welcome.

Remember Maestra’s nail art is support of our soccer team? It may not be precise but it comes from the heart.

Manicure: 2010 FIFA World Cup - Slovenia

Of course we prepared small prize for the winner of the challenge. This time Parokeets ladies are sponsors. And guess what – earrings are made by our Maestra!

Parokeets 2nd birthday - challenge prize for the winnerBesides lovely butterfly earrings winner will also get:
Too Faced: Shadow Insurance primer;
Flormar: Quartet Eye Shadow 404 + 408, Supershine Lip Gloss101, Ultra Grey eyeliner;
Alessandro: Nail Polish – 261, 297;
Golden Rose: Nail Lacquer – 312, 344;
Catrice: Ultimate Nail Lacquer – From Dusk To Dawn;
Gosh: Nail Lacquer – Powder.
p2: Dangerous.

All items are brand new.

Here are the rules:

  1. Subscribe to our blog with Google Friend Connect.
  2. Send us your photo of Show us your country themed manicure or make up look (or both if you can squeeze them on the same photo) by the end of 31.01.2011 (GMT+1).
  3. Photo size must be 300 x 400 or 400 x 300 pixels. If you don’t know how to resize to exact number, HERE are the instructions.
  4. Photos must have evident authorship, so your analog signature (your user name) should look something like THIS (click) at least on one photo.
  5. Send your photo to our email address Subject should contain your GFC nick and name of the challenge.
  6. If you have your own blog, forum, site (non commercial only) and would like to have a link included with your photo, please specify so in your email.
  7. Photos may not contain any URL addressees, only your analog nickname is allowed.
  8. All photos will be framed with Parokeets frame (”watermarked”).
  9. Every contestant must post a link to the contest somewhere on the Internet (beauty blog/forum/site) and include a link to it in the email along with your entry.
  10. As aways – challenge is open to everybody.

We can’t wait to see what will you come up with!

24 thoughts on “Parokeets challenge: Show us your country”

  1. Is it allowed to post you picture online (blog forum) before the deadline? You say: 9.Every contestant must post a link to the contest somewhere on the Internet (beauty blog/forum/site) and include a link to it in the email along with your entry.
    So can this link be with you photo somewhere on the internet?

  2. Do you want us to wait until the contest starts until we post a picture of the mani/makeup on our sites? Or can we just post it whenever we want?

  3. Super, zakon, bom poskusila :)))) Umirala bi za two faced shadow insurance. Tudi druge stvari so lepe, ampak bom sodelovala v 90% za to :D

  4. Za-kon ideja! :yes: Tale manikura pa je bila navdih za mojo manikuro ko so igrali naši z Anglijo. Samo da je bila v barvi dresov reprezentance in brez zastave. :nails:


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