Swatch and comparison: Catrice – I’m A Star vs. Welcome To The Jungle

When I first saw Catrice‘s new shade I’m A Star it immediately reminded me of another polish by Catrice that was part of a LE called Papagena. Gejba reviewed and swatched all the polishes from that collection HERE. And I’m A Star reminded me of a polish called Welcome To The Jungle. Here are the comparison photos.

Comparison: Catrice - I'm A Star vs. Welcome To The Jungle (Papagena LE)

Catrice - I'm A Star vs. Welcome To The Jungle (Papagena LE)

Comparison: Catrice - I'm A Star vs. Welcome To The Jungle (Papagena LE)

Catrice - I'm A Star vs. Welcome To The Jungle (Papagena LE) (2 coats each)

As you can see from the photos above, these are not dupes. Welcome To The Jungle is deeper and richer in color. The application of both was unproblematic. I love both, but if I had to choose Welcome To The Jungle would be the winner for me.

And which one do you prefer? I’m A Star or Welcome To The Jungle?

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  1. I’d prefer Welcome to the Jungle but since I didn’t find it I’m glad there is such a similar shade in the regular line!

  2. Both polishes are really great but if I had to choose Welcome to the Jungle would be my pick. I like the deeper color and the name is really awesome too! :D

  3. I have Welcome To The Jungle , so I think is silly to buy the other one :wink:

  4. Imam Welcome To The Jungle in ne bom kupila I’m A Star, sta praktično identična. Pa WTTJ nosi ime po kul komadu, tako da je zmagovalec. :thumb: :wink:

  5. they’re definatly not dupes, but not worth having both either (for me at least :P )
    i have welcome to the jungle, for me also the best one from these two.

  6. I already have bought the LE from the Papagena collection, and saw I’m a star on the shelves, and decided not to buy it because I thought they looked similiar… And now you’ve proven it :)

    I prefer Welcome To The Jungle because it has slightly more shimmer in it :)

  7. I agree with you: they are not dupes but this is a pity, because welcome to the jungle is better and LE. I own it, but what a pity for who doesn’t ç___ç

  8. I love them both! :)

  9. I have Welcome to the Jungle and is gorgeous indeed. I did notice this ‘suppose’ dupe in the store but knew WTTJ would be better.

  10. Thx for the comparison. :rose:
    I didn’t get I’m A Star as they had only one bottle and my swap partner needs it more. :silly: After seeing your comparison, I’m not sure I’ll get it at all. :biggrin:

  11. Sicer neka razlka res je, ampak bolje kot nič je že :)
    Zdaj pa naj samo še ustvarijo en lak, ki bo enak Enter the Undergrowth pa bom happy :D

  12. honestly they really look the same to me. lol. they look good on you. I’m not sure i’d buy it. i like greens.. but i don’t know if this will look good on me.

  13. I agree.. Although the diference is not big, I would go for Welcome to the Jungle.

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