Summer is here! … giveaway at Parokeets CLOSED

A while ago decision was made that we’re going to have huge giveaway after we reach 300 Google Friends Followers.

And since 300th follower joined as at the very beginning of the summer, we named this giveaway Summer is here!

We don’t have enough words to tell you just how much we love you, so we hope this picture will tell you more than 1000 words ever could. We appreciate you so much, that we’ll be giving one of you all the items you see on the bellow photo.

GFC giveaway prize for 300+ followers on Parokeets blog

If we list all the products.

1. Essence:

2. Catrice:

3. Essie: The Resort Collection minis.

4. Ciate Paint Pots: Ditch The Heels, Fun Fair.

5. L’Oreal Star Magnet: Magnetic Grey.

6. H&M: Creme de la Creme.

7. Zoya (Sparkle): Ivanka.

8. Deborah – Sense Tech 100% mat: 02.

9. Glam Nails: Larissa, Rainbow.

10. p2: Charismatic.

11. Alessandro: 257.

12. Gosh: Slush Ice.

13. S-he: 427.

14. Knad Stamping Nail Art set: plate + stamper + scraper.

15. Dou’ble-art dotting and stripping pen.

16. Coastal Scents: Round Crease, Black On Black brushes.

All products are brand new and sponsored by Parokeets.

Rules are very simple:

  • you have to be visible follower on our Google Friend Connect to enter this giveaway;
  • leave us a comment bellow this post saying you would like to be part of this giveaway with your email and nick in Google Friend Connect along with information for additional entries (link to the post/forum);
  • if you publish link to our Summer is here! giveaway in new post on your blog along with the photo of the prize, you’ll earn additional 2 entries OR you can publish link to our giveaway on one of the cosmetic forums along with the photo of the prize and receive 1 additional  entry;
  • there will be only one winner (if we don’t get a response in 48 hours after we send you email, the second picked will be contacted and given opportunity to receive the prize …)
  • giveaway is International;
  • computer program will pick the winner.

So if you comment on this post and include you email and GFC nick you’re following us with in GFC – you get one entry.

Giveaway is CLOSED.

Let the party begin!

P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away. Admins will be away until Sunday so the comments will be approved when we get back.

518 thoughts on “Summer is here! … giveaway at Parokeets CLOSED”

  1. Thank you all for your entries. Giveaway is now closed.

    We’ll try to input data as soon as possible, so the result will be know in the following days.

  2. I want to be a part of the giveaway…
    my nick on GFF is Ana Cardoo
    on facebook and on twitter I´m already a follower with the same nicks!!!!

  3. Hello,
    I would like to be part of this giveaway (of whou wouldn’t lol) the price is so wonderful :hmm: , tnack you very much for this giveaway !!! :wub:
    my follower name is adeline legrand and my nick in facebook is adeline legrand too !! i’m fan on your wabsite on facebook !!

  4. I love this giveaway! :wub:
    My follower name is MaRiNa and my nick in FB is Marina PR
    My e mail: Marinapostigoramos(at)

  5. Hello, I’m French and I share in your giveaways. I am a follower, my nickname is Elodie Deloye and my email is elodie.deloye @
    I put a photo of giveaways on my blog with a link. ( I am a fan on facebook! (Elodie Deloye)
    thank you for all!!
    PS: sorry for my English very poor! :unsure:

  6. Hello there!
    I am a follower! My email address is: “”.. (username: 0910beh)
    I liked your facebook page. (email ad:, (username: Frances Tracy Lachica Villaruel)
    I also wrote an entry about your giveaway at my blog.
    I really hope to win..Take care and GOD BLESS!! :)

  7. I LOVE your site and would happy to win just ONE of these great prizes! Please enter me in your contest! Your website rocks! :yes:

  8. Hey. :)
    I love everything that you are giving away! I really hope that I win. :silly:
    But still good luck everyone! :wink:

  9. Hi.This giveaway is super great.

    I’m Tânia and I’m a google follower and a facebook fan with the same name.

    My email is tania.freitas[at]


  10. I would like to be part of this giveaway!
    My email is queen-of-pain(AT)yandex(DOT)com and my nick in Google Friend Connect is Elena.
    I like you on FB (Elena Rudaya)

  11. Hi!!
    Congrats on 300!! Wow! That’s a lot!
    I’m joan(cheetahpink) and I’m a public follower, have made a post about this giveaway, have included a pic of the prize on my blogroll list !
    Hope I get lucky this time! It would be the first time I had won anything!!
    my email:

  12. Hello, I would like 2 join the fun and be part of this giveaway, I love essence and some of the others prizes aren’t available to me where i live, very cool!
    Google friend connect nick – Marta Rodrigues – Style my Closet
    Facebook nick – Marta
    Email –

  13. Hi!!
    Congrats on 300!! Wow! That’s a lot!
    I’m Beatlemarta (Marta Robinson) and I’m a public follower, have made a post about this giveaway, have included a pic of the prize on my blogroll list and will LIKE this on Facebook!
    Hope I get lucky this time! It would be the first time I had won anything!!

  14. I would love to enter! I’m following you on GFC under Joanna Ordonez! (:
    My twitter is @AnnaOjers and my Facebook name is Joanna Ordonez as well.

  15. :wub:  woow what a big summer surprise! I’m verry curiouse about the Essie polishes, the Zoya and the Ciate Paint Pots!!
    i would really like to take part in this contest and i’m following you as Ilja Seitzinger on GFC. I “Liked” your Facebook aplication as Ilja Seitzinger.
    I made a post on my blog about this great giveaway,
    And i also announced the giveaway on my FB ,!/profile.php?id=100001356572189&v=wall
    @mail: :-)
    Love your Swatches and reviews, xxx Ilja from Holland

  16. I would like to be part of this giveaway.

    My follower name of the blog is Gondor Tari, and my name at Facebook´s page is Laura Sánchez Murillo.
    My mail is  or

    And i announced the giveaway on my FB pages:
    Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  17. Živjo!
    Rada bi sodelovala v vašem super giveawaj-u. :w00t:  Preko GFC vam sledim ot Taya, na FB-ju pa vas spremljam pod imenom Tatjana Gjerkeš. Moj mail je: tgjerkes(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Lp! :wave:

  18. Hi i follow, Im daisymay_chantele. You can get my email on my blog, not keen on leaving them in comments as their easy to scan and span!

    <a href=””>Daisy Dayz Home</a>

  19. Hi! I am a new follower on Google Friend Connect.  My GFC name is GGGGG.

    I would love to enter this giveaway!

    E-mail:  g.penta.g(at)hotmail(dot)com


  20. Hello! :wave: I’m from Venezuela and I want to participate in the  sorteo :cute: .
    In GFC as Diana Giunta.

    In Facebook as Diana Alexandra Giunta
    my email is: alex92416 @

  21. Hello,
    I am a follower, following under the name Tevta. Eva Bertok is my facebook profile – I follow you there also.

  22. I am publicly following your blog on Google Friend Connect (username Nelsby).  Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway – I would be SO thrilled to win!

  23. Hello!  :wave:
    I’m a follower: inezzitah
    I’m a follower of your facebook fan page: ‘Ines Tavares
    Email address:
    Blog post about your giveaway: (it is wirtten in Portuguese for all of my readers)

  24. Hello :) enter me please :yes:  I follow you on GFC Anita (KONADomania) and  I follow you on facebook too: (Anita Flis)
    my email konadomania at gmail dot com
    Thanks a bunch and amazing giveaway  :happy:

  25. Hi there,
    that is such a beautiful giveaway – I would really die for!
    I follow you via google friend connect as valkyria.
    Mail is valkyria(at)

  26. I would like to be part of this giveaway. E-mail- I liked the facebook page- Maressa Carissimi. I use Google friend connect under Reese. I also created a blogpost:

  27. Following via GFC as dr4g0nf1y
    Email is amanda.keltner at gmail dot com
    Liked on FB as Amanda Keltner
    Thanks for the extremely generous giveaway!! :)

  28. What a huge giveaway !!!

    I’m a visible follower on google and I would like to be part to this huge giveaway (mchris… Cristy on Google.
    I added an article on my blog
    and on facebook too (Marie-Christine NGuyen)
    and I like you on FB too :)
    Thank you for this huge giveaway ! :bow:

  29. Oh wow, this is such an AWESOME giveaway!
    I’m following you through gfc, name is shazzii. I’ve also ‘liked’ your fb page – Sharon.

  30. im a new follower via google friend connect under “michaela”
    my email is mls11487 at gmail dot com
    hope you’re having a great day!!!! :bow:

  31. Ahhh! :silly:  I’d love to win atlest 1/4th of this!!!!! It’s a stinkin awesome give away!
    I’m a follower!

  32. Great giveaway =) I participe
    I follow you “bichounette62100” and I have join your facebook page “sandra voisin”

  33. My post is in german but I want to win too :wub:

  34. Love your Website! I discover it recently and it is my best source for nailpolish right know:) Today I just bought Essence 55 just becouse of You:) Besides I dream About Into the Wild Polishes:P

  35. i’m a follower on GFC  (val is my nick)
    and i’m also fan on facebook (valeria brunelli)

  36. ahh ok! yes i’ve heard of someone that had to cut the nailpolish brush off a bit, because it was (as she said) “disgusting long”!  well we’ll see how mines are when they’re here! 

  37. really?! i found their brushes very soft & priceworth! haven’t tried any nailpolish from ELF yet, i’m waiting for my parcel!
    .-= Caroline/StyleFile´s last post … Notd Essie Mint Candy Apple =-.

  38. hmm…dejte še men razlozit,k ne vem kko postanes google friend follower(al kaj ze)..kaj je treba narest?hvala :rose:

    • Nad Facebook okvirčkom na desni strani bloga je Google Friend Connect okvirček. Klikni Join this site – izberi s katerim računom bi se rada prijavila (ponavadi je to Google … račun, ki ga imaš tudi za Gmail).

      Če pa se bo kje zataknilo, mi pa napiši mejl na gejba AT parokeets DOT com, pa bova skupaj rešili problem. :yes:

  39. Hi! I’m a follower via GFC, under the name Arwen. I’m also a fan on facebook where my name is Florencia De Nicola. My email’s[at]gmail[dot]com.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Enter me, please¡¡ It’s a great giveaway¡¡¡
    Nick GFC: Lary
    FB: Lara Gonzalez Llamazales

  41. Danes ne bom prav nič skromna in se še tukaj postavila v vrsto  :wave:
    Shanti ksanti – je vzdevek
    xsantipa  -pa elektronska pošta pri googlovem mailu

  42. Thanks for making this giveaway, the prize is impressive!!! and good luck for everyone!
    My GFC follower nick is So.chic and my email

  43. Hi there!
    I like your site pretty much and would like to participate in this giveaway. The prizes are so lovely! :wub:
    I’m your follower on Google Connect Friends and on Tweeter as well. My nickname on Google Connect Friends is Margarita Angelova; on Tweeter – m_angelova.  I am a fan of your Facebook page, too. Here’s my profile: And here’s my e-mail:
    Good luck to all! :happy:

  44. hi , i am following you on google connect friends and twitter and i want to enter this contest. I am also a fan on Facebook.
    Google friend name: Telma  Email:
    Twitter name : telma_21
    Facebook mail:
    I have published this contest wiyh photo of the prize on my blog:
    And in Facebook:!/profile.php?id=1593666628&v=wall&story_fbid=100342663353777  //!/profile.php?id=1593666628&v=wall&story_fbid=136618089690371
    And in twitter:
    :wave: :thumb: :love:

  45. I’m a follower via GFC with nick cassandra. I like to be part of your giveaway.:D
    email: cassandracarino(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ph

  46. Hi,
    Wonderful giveaway!  I’m follower Kate on FB I’m Kate Dobosh (clicked Like!)
    email meowykittyface at gmail dot com

  47. I’m following you over GFC with the nick Honi, my gmail email is in the emailfield(And thats the one that is connected to GFC! What an amazing giveaway, would love to win!

  48. What a great giveaway – of course I want to be a part of it!!! Also like your Facebook page! (as Katja Britvic)

  49. I would love to win as I’m a huge nail polish addict! e-mail victoria dot buck at web dot de follwing you via google friends connect as annasidonia

  50. I would like to enter the giveaway. My email is Drason0506 at gmail dot com. My name I am following under is Darlene and my FB name is Darlene as well.

  51. I would really love to be part of this giveaway
    GFC-Nick: MeLii
    email: stupid(dot)lamb(at)live(dot)at
    My FB-Nick is MeLii Bialy


  52. Hi, I can’t remember if I did participate already or not, oops :$
    I’m doing it again, so, here it comes.
    I’m following you (Floor en Marjolein). I posted the image in my sidebar.

    x Floor

    PS: thanks for following! :D

  53. me zanima če imam tak krompir, da tole zadanem :) tako da ja, bi rada sodelovala (in zmagala :))
    moj mejl – renatamedved(at)gmail(dot)com
    nick na gfc – Nati
    tole je link do posta na mojem blogu

    tole je link do foruma
    tudi na Facebooku sem ‘like’ala (Renata Medved)
    mislim, da sem izkoristila vse možnosti :))

  54. Hi, I’m a public follower via Google Friend Connect. My nick is shala_darkstone.
    I “like” you on Facebook. My FB name is Maddie Brubaker.

  55. Zdravo, želim si sodelovati v vašem giveaway-ju. =)
    Vzdevek na  Google Friend Connect: CantLoveCantHurt
    Facebook: Rebeka Zaloznik

  56. Great giveaway!

    I’m a brand new follower (avalonne83).

    Please count me in. Thanks.

    avalonne83 [at] yahoo [dot] it

  57. Hello,
    I would be part of this so cool giveaway!!!
    my nickname on GFC is : niekaah
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    the post about your giveaway is this:
    additionally I clicked on your FB-Site the “I Like”-Button. My name is there Anika Kim and the nickname is niekaah as well.
    Bye and thanks so much

  58. i’m a follower, my nick is Sandy!
    +2 post in my blog with image
    +1 Facebook Like Nick: Sandra Muñiz

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

  59. I follow you as Cinny1109 and my email is . I would like to be part of this giveaway beacuse I love doing my nails in new colors and designs and am always looking for new lovely colors to try out and use. 

    I also follow you on Facebook with the Name Anouck Reuter.

    Greetings, Cinny

  60. Enter me please!! I’m a new follower via google, as fisiwoman. I’d like to win because I’m really in love with this giveaway, it’s fantastic ^^
    Following on FB (Ana Belén R M)

  61. My reasons, why I want to be the owner of this package:
    – I’m a total nail polish addict!!!
    – I missed a lot of LEs!
    – I never don’t have any of the new Catrice, Zoya, Alessandro, Sh-e polishes
    – I don’t own Konad plates but I always wanted to!

    I’m totally in love with it!
    Nickname: lila

  62. I am publicly following your blog on Google Friend Connect (username Nelsby).  Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway – I would be SO thrilled to win!
    +1  I *Like* you on Facebook (Aimee Waerhouse).

  63. Wow! Great giveaway, I’d love to enter!
    I’m a follower : Eliane Pineault-Bourgault (

  64. hi! i’m a new follower to this blog, so far so good. please enter me itno this contest:) ma mail is, and my nick is PeekaBoo107. i also liked you on facebook – name Karmen Vučetić. byee :cool:

  65. I would like to enter….I am also a new follower here.
    My name is: Jasmin

    Sooo simple. :) Awesome giveaway. :) :wub:

  66. I’d like to enter, please! :wave:
    I’m a new follower via Google – damianb.

    My email adress is damian.bucholc(at)

  67. Naravno da sam follower – Beauty addict :)
    Pratim vas i putem fb-a – Vesna M.
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    Ovo bi bilo baš lijepo osvojiti :D :wub:

  68. I’d love to enter, please!  I’m a new follower via Google (Jasmine1485)
    Kate1485 at

  69. Hi! I’m a new follower via GFC (ID: vedra), please enter me!
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    Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway! :)

  70. Hi,
    I’m Caroline (missylilarose on google friend). I’m a follower and I’ve cick “like” on your facebook’s page.
    I would like to partiipate to your amazing giveaway, So exitng !! Would like to win so much ! ihih.

    I’ put an article with the picture of our give away on my new blog :
    Hope to have your visit and some comments to have your point of view on my nail art =)

    Thank you in advance for organizing and so on… !

    Caro. (missylilarose) :wub:

  71. Želim pohvalit parokeetke super swatchi. Zanima me tudi, če se dajo še kje kupit essence laki iz kolekcije into the wild, nikjer jih več nimajo razen glosov pa barvic.

  72. Heya,
    What a great giveaway!
    I follow with GFC under the name Shiny! and my email is ooohshinies at gmail dot com.

  73. bok, cure! super ste, stalno vas pratim!
    i ja želim sudjelovati!
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  74. Hello I’m in for your fabulous raffle! I am a Spanish girl, so please excuse my English xD

    My nick is PaO * and my email is pikapikadulce (at)

    I have posted the draw in the sidebar of my blog
    My nick on facebook is Paola Donato.

    kisses :wub: and thank you for organizing this super giveaway

  75. Thanks for this giveaway! I am a follower under my name, and my email is glitterkitten at hellokitty dot com.

  76. Wow, great giveaway!  :thumb: Please, enter me – Blu11 (blanche.b at gmail dot com). I added this to my giveaway sidebar, don’t know if that counts…
    Thanks :)

  77. oh,this is my first participation to a giveaway…
    my fb name is Pucca Dee and i follow the blog via twitter[puccadd]

  78. hi!! i’m rita from italy! really love your blog!
    my google friend connector name is Rita
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    kisses from italy :D
    in the past comment i made a mistake into the mail! please delete it :)

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  80. Such an amazing giveaway.
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    • Mislila sam da gornji komentar nije primljeni pa sam pokušala još jednom a sad vidim da se vide i moja i sestrina prijava! Ispričavamo se!

  84. Pozdrav!
    Ja vas slijedim preko GFC s nadimkom kiaramagiceye  a moja je email adresa kiaramagiceye(at)gmail(dot)com
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    • Ovo je prijava za moju sestru jer imamo zajednički kompjuter, i ovo je njezin email navedeni. Ako nešto neće biti u redu, javite da ispravimo.

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